Than you for coming to the English Cafe on 20220625

On Saturday 25th June 2022, we had the first Enlgish Cafe after we moved to the new building.

It was a good opportunity to talk to people from different countries, and it is also a good chance to practise English speaking and listening. Lots of laughters in the room and we received a lot of positive feedback. Thanks to people who participated the event and made it really successful.

Traveling to overseas is still under restrictions at the moment but we are so blessed for the chance to talk to foreigners who came to Japan and have been settled in Kakogawa now.

Next English Cafe will be held on Saturday, 27th August 2022. If you are confident to talk to people in English and want to know more about different cultures, please don’t be shy to join us. We are currently planning for it and please feel free to contact us if you have any idea or suggestion. We look forward to seeing you!


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